About us

Oliver Court is a residential care home for individuals with mental health illnesses and learning difficulties. At Oliver Court, clients are acknowledged as individual people and not in terms of their diagnosis. It is the home’s intention to help achieve the best quality of life possible, support people back to full independence and to feel socially included.

Oliver Court aims to be a relaxed, homely and safe place in which to live where kindness and consideration are woven into everyday life.  The well-being and comfort of people who use the service is of prime importance and staff values each person for the individuals they are. Against this relaxed backdrop, the care provided is professional, considered and formalised through the implementation of the Care Plan Approach and Key Worker involvement. Individuals can engage in a negotiated, structured programme with full support from trained staff.

Alternatively, Oliver Court can give you the freedom to enjoy your own space.

 Our philosophy

We pride ourselves on being kind, patient and relaxed. The wellbeing and comfort of people who use our service is always the main focus of what we do. Our support staff will value you for the individual you are. With this in mind, our support is also professional and considered. Your support worker will work with you to develop a care plan, giving you the chance to tell us what you would like us to do to help you, and what you want to achieve with your time.

At Oliver Court, we acknowledge clients as individual people and not just in terms of their diagnosis. It is our intention to help achieve the best quality of life possible and to help people back to full independence and to feel socially included wherever that is desired

Support team

We have many year’s experience of supporting people with mental health problems or learning disabilities in our residential homes.  Our staff are selected for certain qualities such as kindness, personality, sensitivity, patience, integrity and professionalism. They are carefully screened and checked according to the requirements laid down by the Care Quality Commission and employment is subject to a probationary period of 6 months. During their induction, all staff are trained to the nationally recognised care certificate by an experienced member of staff. All staff are encouraged to undertake qualifications relevant to their job role. It is important to all of the management that staff continue to develop though training.

We organise in house training which all staff participate in, and training is also provided by a external agencies in specialised areas such as care of medicines, first aid and safeguarding. If any other specific training is required, such as diabetes management, this this will also be provided to enable the team to support the individual.